The definition of Masochrist …

Afraid if she does so
he will know
he will know

because you ask
when I sing

He’s much freer
than the word “free”
defined by the most outspoken crazy man

there’s a house across the river
but alas
he will not swim

flying too fast
to confusion
with her own free will

So you say you wanna be a bird
leaving your home for the infinitive space
of your personal blue

thicker than the memories
of the old
blind man

you hold the keys
to every door
except your own

close your eyes
n turn the darkness
into your only form of light

And they live
Happily ever after

The person you are in love with
Is 72.8 % water
That’s why she keeps vaporizing

You’ll find somewhere you belong, eventually
The question is will you still keep the key
For all the time

Howl Howl HowlT
the lonesome wolves don’t know how
To say “love” in any human languages

Hey casual love!
High five!
It’s also nice to meet you again

Falling apart alone
Is harder but healthier
Than together

The same old brand new you
With the same old brand new wound
Heal Heal Heal, now!

Some nights I sit alone
Crying in the dark
Other night I leave the light on

Our story always
On the sixteenth second draft

First cut is the deepest
Especially when you haven’t learned yet
How to use this very knife

Light off
Light on
Nothing appears

Do birds say good bye with their eyes
When one is about to fly

Found you!
Quick! Go hide again
It’s our favorite game, right!?

A Big month, a big body
Without a big heart
You semi-evolved Protozoa!

Someone waits for the rest of his life
To make sure the letter he writes
Won’t be Returned to sender

She has feet
She wears shoes
She won’t walk

Look like it’d last
But it lost
So I lie

Don’t come close
Or else
I’ll explode

Let me walk
Let me fall
I’ll crawl back soon

These melodies
Are the discoveries
During the moments when I lose it completely

My random words might have no meanings
But seriously
I mean something

Please understand
hat sometimes I would rather stand
Alone with you

A goldfish in a big bathtub
Died of the fear
Of width

How can I balance
Something without weight,
Something in the air?

A cozy house
By the sea
Is made of sand

The Sky train is sinking
Into the sea
Of faces

Skip the Final test to get an F
Just to get to feel the failure system
From the inside

My words may make you vomit
Your shits may make me cry
Please do not ask why …keep digesting

What a meaningful life you live!
You say and leave
I keep repeating the sentence

On and off
Off and on
The light bulb in my head

Another me has come
To join this company of
Me and Myself

I’ll dig up my lost memories
To find the rest of you
To fix the rest of me

I look for you
In everyone
But you

It’s not too short
Nor it’s not too long
Your eye sight is just too naive

The truth is in the salty sea
Tears are prices to pay for you to see
And it’s not necessary at all

No more excuses
We will just let the righteous lies
Speak their own truths

Sometimes I need to laugh out loud
Without disturbing
Other misery people

Keep breathing in the air
That you’re breathing out
Washed out dreams are blowing in the wind

I think, therefore
I’m still

Serve me more happiness
Make sure you make it


Some shits
Are more than a bit

To love
Or not to love
That’s not even a question!

To type
Or not to type
Too typical?

I’m too young
To know
That I’m too old

I’m too young to know
That you are too young
To know that I’m too young


This freeway of love doesn’t charge
For the entrance
Just for the exit !

Make up!
Dress up!
Peel out!

Here comes the moment
When lovers say good bye
Go ahead, Cry your head out!

I’m sailing home
On my paper boat
In my leaky bathtub

What do you know about poetic diction?
No no…. not pottery!
No no… not poultry!!!

What happens to your body?

We used to stick together
Now   w      e 
Are separated!

Sitting on the haystack
Is the simplest way to find
The missing needle you need

To: You
CC: You
CCC: You

I’m loving it
I’m leaving it

ปอลอ กำลังอ่าน คุณ อุเทน มหามิตร
ส่วน คุณแม่ กำลังฟังธรรมะ ของหลวงปู่ พุทธะอิสระ

เอาเถอะ ทุกทุกอย่าง ต้องการ ที่ ทาง ของมัน
ขอข้าพเจ้าจมให้ลึกในพื้นที่ที่ห่างไกลความสว่างนี้ ก่อนละกันนะ หลวงปู่นะ
แต่ ข้าพเจ้า รู้ตัว ตลอดเวลา นะ แค่ไม่อยากออกไป ตอนนี้ มั้ง

You are responsible
For me
Being emo!!! –”