i once had a friend, my best friend,
who sounds a lot like you.
He’s gone now!
Away to somewhere i’ll never know.
Wind leaves, doesn’t it? 

i once had a love, my only love,
you’re acting just like it.
It’s gone now!
Back to someone I know well.
Admiration is not love, is it?

The things have been repeating themselves

that’s all what i know
about love
so far.

 i think the fact that they’re all gone now
has something to do with
communication and idealsim


This is why i have to talk about love.
This is why i seek compromise.


“There’s sometimes some kind of  madness in love
There’s always reasons in madness.”

I believe this
and the man who came up with this
is a postmodern philosopher
who falled so hard in love
who died of his madness
despite his understanding-

see where i’m going!

i’m not an easy woman
no matter how much i want to be
this is why i need compromise.