A Labeled Rebel

They say left
She says right
They say black
She says white
They won’t give up
She hates to fight
Their job is to discover
She loves to hide

They say she’s alright
She swears she’ll cry

In the audition room
They say she’s doing fine
And now she’s hired
To be the right rebel for the role
“Rebel without a cause”

But still she swears she’ll cry
But they don’t know
She needs them to ask “why”

“Why does she need to be labeled?”

Clownish Clouds in the Sky of Love                

Seems like a dream
But it hurts
So I scream

Feels like it’s real
But it’s fake
So I cry

Looks like the bright future
But it blurs
So I suffice

Tastes like a sweet victory
But it’s addictive
So I revive

Smells like an everlasting Love
But it’s a stinky lust
So I suffocate all nights 

More like a loveless life
But it’s not
So I survive 

Some Sum ups

Sometimes I smile
Some more times I collide

Every time I suffice
Every more times I try

Not to familiarize
What I feel


Forbidden love

A Little lonely sunflower
Is falling
In love

Everybody knows what she does
When she falls
In love

Of course, her head holds up high
As usual
Into the light

Not only all day, she keeps starring
Into the light
Never stops

But also all night despite the need to rest 
Coz the light
Never ever fades

Everybody has already figured out the plot
But nobody knows
She does not

Time passes by, she dies before her time
Coz the light never ever fades
And she never ever rests

A Little lonely sunflower
Is falling
In love

A little lonely sunflower
Is falling
For a modern illuminator
, a flashlight supplied with
Panasonic Super energizer

Poor little lonely sunflower
never knows
how not to fall
for those outside her world 


It’s a long laundry list

One Windy day
On a long and winding road
I had something to say
But would it be okay?
I could only write

My way of words
Comes like waves
It hits then brakes

My wish is that
You will take
For the current’s sake
Something that makes
Invisible wave obvious

My work despite being weird
Called me an independent idiot
But I’m serious!

My lack of wisdom might be a crime
But in each and every rhyme
While wasting your time
I’ll make sure I leave
Something creative
In an altruistic perspective

Maybe a smiling rotten fish,
But don’t expect,
On this dish
A piece of splendid organic carrot cake

One Windy day
On a long and winding road
A part of me
Is blowing in the wind

A piece of my verses that wants to be free
Is flying without wings
A play of my words without melodies
Is marching into your bin

It’s a long laundry list
Another experiment
Of an emo kid
Ignore it
Grow up
And move on

 But I’m not crazy,
I’m just a little unwell
I know, right now you can’t tell
But stay awhile
and maybe then you’ll see
A different side of me

I’m not crazy,
I’m just a little impaired
I know, right now you don’t care
But soon enough
you’re gonna think of me
And how I used to be