i remembered when i was 17  you talked about love in the class
we were studying about a genre of movie, the romantic comedy
you said that you would tell us all about it , all about love
when you know what it really is
and at that time you had no ideas
you sweared it has nothing to do with those romantic comedy
vocabularies we were studying
despite being a super funny guy, your face was so serious
that i can’t help but remember
i was smiling and thinking you’re such an honest teacher!
i always like  teachers who admit that they also have no idea
what  the hel they are talking about

today i ran into you and discovered that
you’ve just been married
to the woman you’ve always been in love with
for almost 20 years 
the person you ran away from by leaving your hometown
your country and moved thailand after graduate!
the person who came for you 20 years later

that when i recalled the moment in the class
and asked you for the answer
the love you were talking about back then
i needed to hear your opinion about it so far
you just smiled
and made your serious face then said 

“i still don’t a clue what it is, but i’m done searching
love might not make sense
but she does!”

i was smiling when you said
“teach me about it ,or just come nod to me
see you next 20 years 😉 ”

then we went our separate ways
but im sure we’re both smiling
you were laughing so loud !
what a cool ajarn you are ^^


btw though i don’t believe in marriage
i’m so glad my fav farang ajarn finally got himself a wife
at least this woman makes sense,
according to him