tell me you’re unknown , not unknownable
tell me you’re sad , not bitter
tell me you’re hateful, not indifferent
tell me you’re loveless, not heartless
tell me you’re crazy , not mad
tell me you’re helpless, not hopeless
tell me you’re dead , not disappeared

tell me you’re just a scared
little boy

, not an unknownable, bitter, indifferent,
heartless, mad, hopeless, disappeared

same same
but it’s different
when it’s an act of intention

who do you really want to be?

tell me now
what you’ve been lying to yourself

tell me now
in our first communication

because this is the only chance
for you
to prove to yourself
that you were wrong
and that’s acceptable

because this is the only way
a thing like conversation
makes sense

and maybe i’m wrong
about who you are
and what you’ve been

but that’s okay, too

even me
i am wrong
about who i am
and what i’ve been

you can tell anyone
whatever you want to be

the question is
can you really tell yourself
right now?

keep on getting to know yourself
so that
i get to know you
while you’re getting to know yourself