At 15, she wrote “All for Believing” for a school music assignment and completed it just hours before the deadline.[6] The assignment earned an A and she performed her song in front of classmates. She approached a Melbourne record company and was told that they wanted more than one song.[4] She wrote more songs and worked with the Kool Skools project, which enables students to record music.[7] In 2001, Nicola entered “All for Believing” on Higgins’ behalf into Unearthed, radio station Triple J‘s competition for unsigned artists. The song won the competition and was added to the station’s play list.[8] Two record companies showed an interest in Higgins—Sony and Eleven.[4] She signed with Eleven, partly because they agreed that she would not be “made into a pop star”[9] and partly because they were happy for her to take time off for backpacking.[4] Her manager is Eleven’s John Watson, who also manages rock band Silverchair.[1] He later said “Missy’s the only time in my career I knew after 90 seconds I really wanted to sign her.”[10] The backpacking trip had been planned with a friend for years and they spent most of 2002 in Europe; while she was travelling, “All for Believing” started to be played by Los Angeles radio station KCRW.[11] This brought attention from US record labels and, by year’s end, an international recording deal with Warner Bros.[12]

เพลงเพลงนึง จากศิลปินคนนึง เดินทางตั้งสี่ปี กว่าจะมาถึงหูเรา
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เป็นเพลงที่เด็กผุ้หญิงม.สามคนนึงแต่งขึ้นมา !!
เพลงนี้แหละ ที่ญี่ปุ่นคนนึงในหอศิลป์มานั่งฟังแล้วเดินมาถามว่าชื่อเพลงอะไร

Pull back the shield between us, and I’ll kiss you,
Drop your defences and come, into my arms.
I’m all for believing, I’m all for believing.

I’m all for believing if you can reveal the true colours within.

I know you blanket your mind so much that I am blind,
but I, I see you’ve painted your soul into your guard,
I’m all for believing, I’m all for believing

I need to know just how you feel, to comfort you;
I need to find the key to let me in,
into your heart, to find your soul. 

And say you will be there for me to hold,
when the faith grows old and life turns cold, 

So if you’re cold I will stay, maybe fate will guide the way.
I believe in what I see and baby we were meant to be,
Just believe. (we’re meant to be)
Trust in me.